Entrepreneurial Spirit 

We are a Mendocinian family-owned business group active since 1971. We have carried out real estate developments of outstanding urban impact, that have become true landmarks in Mendoza and Chile.

We are passionate about challenge

That is why we decided to go further, leaving the hustle of the city behind, to enter the fascinating farming market.



Los Arboles

Altamira Alta

Our Orchards

Presidente Farming is positioned as a high-quality service farming business with over 3.400 acres in the Cuyo Region, planted with vineyars and premium Chandler walnut trees.


In 2004, we started planting intensive Chandler walnut trees. We have slowly grown to become one of the leading exporters in the country, obtaining a top-quality product, all based in our constant utility reinvestment philosophy.


We produce high-quality wine grapes from which the most renowned premium and ultra premium wines of the region are made. Our annual average yield, over 10 million pounds, has turned us into a strategic supplier for the leading Argentine wineries.

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Phone number: +54-261-3481220 | Ruta Panamericana 2650, Godoy Cruz Mendoza, Argentina | www.farmingpresidente.com | info@farmingpresidente.com.ar

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